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Use the form above to contact us via email please or use the OrangeChat widget at the footer of any page. Get a fast answer when our operators are online. If we are offline leave us your name, cell number and email and your message will be answered in 12 hours maximum. Let us know if you'd like to get the answer by iMessage, whatsapp or viber.

Or call by phone: 

tel in France +33 09 70 46 31 59

tel in USA +1 (845) 704-1779

tel in UK +44 020 8123 2874

Or send your message via main cell in Russia - +7 (921) 979-37-53 (Whatsapp, iMessage, Viber)


Also we provide one new option for "Make your offer". There are some lots that can be sold with a small discount. If you feel that you can't pay the whole sum, you must make your offer on the listing page. Just go to the item page and click on this button Make your offer button. This will not guarantee an acceptance, but probably we could provide you with some discounts or provide something similar that will match your budget.

You can reach us by Skype! Call us, it's absolutely free for you:
Skype Me™!


 Our consultants take pride in offering no-pressure assistance by chat, e-mail, skype or telephone. Ask your questions on Russian, English or French please. We are ready to answer any product question you may have, help you decide between items, review your offer, accept your custom order and guide you through the process of selecting the perfect accessory.

Sincerely yours,
Arctic-store owner, Alex Romanoff