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Eskimoska Hood with tails, black raccoon

SKU# EskimoBurat-Tails-BlackRaccoon
  • Manufacturer: ARKTIKA (Russia)
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Fur: Russian Raccoon
  • Fur processing: dyed in black
  • Custom details: 2 tails can be unfastened

Retail Price: $497.50

Price on-line: $327.75

You save: $169.75 (34%)

How to measure the hat size?

- How to Measure My Hat Size?

The best way to get a properly fitting snug hat is to measure the circumference of your head (in inches or centimeters). You will need a good tape measure to get an accurate measurement of your head. Ask someone to help you if you are unable to do it yourself. Take your time to ensure an accurate fit. The human head assumes many shapes and sizes. Even on an individual head measurements will vary if taken in different spots. Therefore, it is important to take the measurement at the right spot on your head. It is not sufficient to wind the tape around your forehead and assume that is the correct measurement for your head. You can determine exactly where to set the tape on your head by wearing a hat that you already own to see where it settles. Generally, the ideal spot to measure is just above the center of the forehead, about 1/8 of an inch over both ears, on the top slope of the lump at the back of your skull.

where to measure the hat size

The most of our hats are adjustable. If the hat is a little too large you can make it smaller simply by tightening the silk bands on the inside.

Good quality natural fur is somewhat elastic and if your hat is a bit too small it will become slightly larger by stretching a bit as you wear it and it conforms to your head.

NOTES: Few important words about fur wigs

Fur wigs have a knitted base, this means that the hat simply stretches around your head to fit. But when ordering a fur wig the most important requirement is the height measurement. The height of our standard wig is approximately 19-20 cm. This size will fit most heads. If you have voluminous hair, however, or a non-standard big or small size you should measure your head first. Use a measuring tape to measure your head from the front line (just above the eyebrows) across the top of the skull to the back point of the head; one half of this measurement will be your height size. For example, after measuring you determine the number is 38 cm, divide this in half to obtain 19 cm - this is the size that will fit. If your size is between 15-20 cm you can simply place your order. If your height size is more or less than 15-20 cm you should contact us before placing your order so that we can confirm product availability.

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Fur hood - Black raccoon / arctic-store

  • Eskimo fur hat with tails - black raccoon hood / arctic-store
  • Fur hat with tails - black raccoon / arctic-store
  • Fur hood - Black raccoon / arctic-store
  • Black hat with tails - fur raccoon hood / arctic-store


The black raccoon has a unique feature. The fur consists of two types of hair after it is colored. The shorter base hairs receive a matte black color, but the long black brushes are highlighted to shine in the light. The magnificent volume of fur and the sheen of the double black color makes this fur very special. This full fur version of the popular Eskimo model comes in round or triangular shapes. Buratino is the triangular form. This model is named after the fairy tale character Pinnochio because of its angular shape. This full fur version of the popular Eskimo model comes in round or triangular shapes. Our new design features long and fluffy tails and leather straps. The Eskimo model with tails traditionally is worn by men and women in the Far North because of its universal form and functionality. This hat will keep you warm and cozy in severe cold or bitter frost.

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