ARKTIKA (Russia)
Beret, mahogany mink

Beret, Mahogany mink

blue fur beret - sapphire mink fur hat for women

Beret, sapphire mink

Beret, Black mink

The beret is a style of hat that is very popular in Europe, especially in France. Made of mink fur it features all the benefits of its original style, plus extra warmth. Black mink fur has short guard hairs that reflect the light; the individual hairs are very soft as well as the beret itself. You can wear this hat in several different ways. Silver colored silk lining complements the black fur color. This item is a good choice for autumn’s days and spring too!
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Full fur mink beret is a glamorous and elegant fur hat. Black mink beret is a chic addition to your winter wardrobe. French beret is made of very soft fur and can be worn in multiple ways. You can wear it as a round hat covering your ears, in the French style like a painter, tilted to the side, or turned backwards like a keppy. You can fold this hat and fit it in your pocket or purse. This genuine mink fur beret will help to keep you healthy and warm.
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FurMink scanblack
Additional fur processingdyed in black
ManufacturerARKTIKA (Russia)