Mittens & Hand muffs

We have created an original, ultimate, ergonomic design of fur mittens. A mitten is a glove having two sections, one for the thumb and the other for all four fingers. All our mittens are lined inside with natural beaver fur, this is one of the warmest and most wear-resistant types of fur available. Our fur mittens are not only warm, but also are enjoyable to wear. You have the experience of tactile pleasure. Sheared beaver is a fur that lends itself to continuous stroking. Beaver does not shed and is so thick that in sections its density approaches 50,000 hairs per square centimeter. In our original design there is enough room for your hands as our fur mittens are spacious. Knitted cuffs securely and comfortably hold the mittens on the wrist and do not let the cold air penetrate. It is a convenient and heat-conserving design. This style of mittens will not accidentally fall off your hand. Not to mention the unique appearance… all our mittens are a perfect match for our fur hats and collars. Currently, we present three main types of fur mittens:- Fur trimmed on the wrist - Leather palms with fur on top of the hand - Full fur on both sides of the handAlso in this category we present fur hand muffs. This stylish fur accessory of the 19th century, which the princesses and countesses could afford, was unjustifiably forgotten, but is now more relevant than ever. The fur hand warmer is convenient in that it allows you to keep both hands together for warmth, and while doing so you can continue to hold something in your hands such as your mobile phone, keys, or something else. All our couplings have a length-adjustable strap made of genuine leather, which can become unfastened at will. Most importantly, the lining is made of sheared beaver fur. Our fur muffs are that rare case when style, comfort and reliability have merged to decorate, warm and make you satisfied.
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