ARKTIKA (Russia)
Naval officer fur hat - black sheared beaver / arctic-store

Naval officer hat, Beaver sheared black

Naval officer fur hat - white sheared beaver / arctic-store

Naval officer hat, Beaver sheared white

Zimushka on heavy duty snaps, white sheared beaver

This model is made of genuine leather and high quality velvety soft white sheared beaver – an Arktika exclusive. Sheared beaver fur is an excellent choice for protection from inclement weather and will last for many long years! Beaver fur is very soft and naturally water repellent. We use the softest fur from the beaver's tummy to cover the inside of people's sensitive ears. Beaver is the most durable fur in the world and will last more than 50 years, especially when sheared.
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The white sheared beaver Zimushka is soon to be our women's hottest seller because it is highly fashionable, comfortably warm, of superior quality, and affordable. This model Zimushka features unique white sheared beaver fur and heavy duty snaps to secure the flaps. Additionally, unlike other models this style of ushanka hat can be easily transformed. You can snap the leather straps securely under the chin or on the top of the head. We use high quality genuine leather elements in all of our products. This hat is an excellent choice to keep you warm and healthy during the bitter cold winter. A special tape band inside the hat enables you to decrease the size by 2-4 cm.
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FurCanadian Beaver
Leatherblack suede, natural black, natural brown or natural white
Additional fur processingsheared
ManufacturerARKTIKA (Russia)