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Trapper fur hat, baum marten light

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Roller fur hat, Barguzin Sable

Trapper hat, Sable Barguzin

Barguzin sable and golden deerskin suede. The most luxurious version of any trapper style hat. It’s a status symbol hat with all of the standard functionality. It’s not just a purchase, it’s an investment for a lifetime.
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We present our classic trapper hat updated with the finest quality Russian sable fur. This prized, thick, dark, silky fur is of limited supply in Russia. The finest sables call Barguzin, it's from Syberia. The fur color of this Russian sable species has brownish tones. The trapper model fur hat features a leather top and extra long ear flaps that can be fastened under the chin or tied on top or on back of the head using the attached leather straps. Unisex design with top quality fur looks sophisticated on men and women. We use only high quality genuine furs and leather in our hats.
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FurSable Barguzin 3rd color/1st gray
Leathergolden deer suede
ManufacturerARKTIKA (Russia)