In this catalog Arctic-Store ® presents his Russian fur hats in different styles. For fast navigation use the drop-down “Russian fur hats” link menu at the top. Here we present wide selection of Russian winter hats: original ushanka (fur trapper hat with ear flaps), shapka (classical Russian fur hat), eskimoska (fur hood with tails), hunter fur hat with tail (Davy crockett), fur wig (fur strings knitted on beanie trico base), Russian tsar fur hat (Roller hat with leather top), Cossack fur hat, Naval officer fur hat (Soviet Army fur hat) and other styles in one click. Hundreds of modern and classic winter hats in natural furs. Both, for men and women were prepared using original Russian traditions and quality made genuine furs. Choose from custom parameters: fur type, fur color and type of genuine leather inserts, size and fastener accessories and you will get the fur cap that you see in the picture. Buy original Russian fur hats direct from Russia, our genuine furs will keep you warm and healthy for many years to come.
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